Jordan D'AmicoJordan D’Amico is a Toronto-based writer who is definitely still in his twenties and not almost thirty like his birth certificate would have you believe. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Rights (which is most certainly not human resources like a lot of people think) and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Public Relations (sure, that’s like marketing).

He doesn’t have a pen name, but if he did it would probably be Stockard Channing Tatum O’Neal. The novel he’s currently working on would be a great Netflix series produced by Mindy Kaling.

If you’re ever looking to buy him presents, he likes $5 DVDs from that over-packed Walmart bin, chocolate-covered almonds, books about female comedians (preferably with a chapter or two on their awkward college years), gift certificates he’ll definitely lose to stores he loves, and long, lingering hugs from anyone who is, or very closely resembles, Chris Evans.

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Contact him at jordandamicowritesATgmailDOTcom.

He is represented by Emmy Nordstrom Higdon of The Rights Factory.