A Better Breakfast: Mango & Berry Smoothie Bowl

Mango & Berry Smoothie BowlAfter I wake up, I’m always confronted with the frustrating realization that it’s time for breakfast. Most days, if I have somewhere to be right away, I’ll drink a coffee or a hot water with lemon, throw my bag over my shoulder, and head out. In this instance, breakfast is non-existent. On the days where I have more leisure time once I roll myself out of bed, the need for breakfast arrives, slowly but surely.

Most people have their routines for breakfast. A bowl of oatmeal, two scrambled eggs, or a piece of toast with tea. Me? I’m all over the place. Literally. Some days, I crave the warmth and comfort of bacon, eggs, and toast. Other days, I wake up with an incredible sweet-tooth, soothed only by as much fruit as I can get my hands on.

Only the other day, my eyes shot open. After glancing at my mop of hair in the mirror of my closet door, it was time for breakfast. Completely out of routine for me, I walked to the kitchen with nothing but a blender, frozen fruit, my trusty almond milk, and a vision for a better breakfast.

Instagram was my queen the night before. The smoothie bowls I’d been searching had inspired me to make my own (if only for the photo I could add to my own feed).

This is the result.

Here’s what I included:


– Frozen mango chunks
– Frozen berry medley
– Unsweetened vanilla
almond milk


– Almonds
– Qi’a Superfood
– Banana
– Blueberries

To get the right consistency for a smoothie bowl, and to make sure your toppings don’t sink to the bottom, I recommend using more frozen fruit and less liquid – at least at the beginning.

#SmoothieBowl because drinking is too much work apparently

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