Apartment tour: My favourite accent pieces

Apartment tour: My favourite accent pieces

One of my resolutions for the new year – rather, a plan, since labelling anything as a resolution typically has a negative end – is to simplify my living space through excessive decluttering and through rearranging furniture and other pieces to bring about a more cohesive and relaxing environment.

I plan to share more in the near future on the next changes I’ll be making, but I wanted to take this opportunity (a relaxing and very mellow Sunday evening) to give you a quick tour of a piece of my apartment and share, with you, a few of my favourite accents.

A recent trip to Homesense brought me this colour blocked (gold and white) potted plant – a glorious accent piece I knew I needed to showcase. Perched on top of a pink cake stand and a clean, white table, it’s the perfect way to brighten up this typically dark corner of my home. Of course, the chevron storage bin does help to bring a much-needed pop of colour, striking a great contrast with the green from the plant.

Apartment tour: My favourite accent pieces

This chair – my prized possession and probably the most expensive piece of furniture I own – is as comfortable as it is stylish. The grey-green colour of the fabric means that almost any pillow I own will go perfectly with it. Plus, it’s really comfortable.

Apartment tour: My favourite accent pieces

I was originally considering selling this couch – originally a purchase I made from Ikea so that guests would have somewhere to sleep (it pulls out) – but realized that, while it’s small, it’s great for reading and, with a huge cluster of pillows, creates the perfect reading nook.

This painting comes with an interesting story. Though I have no information on the painter per say, I purchased it closed to 10 years ago when he was going door-to-door in my old neighbourhood, selling his paintings. It wasn’t hard to fall in love with this piece. The five men are suppose to represent guardian angels – no hands so they can never harm you, no faces so they can never judge you, and no feet so they can never leave you. The canvas was layered with coconut hairs and then painted over.

Apartment tour: My favourite accent pieces

This final photo of what is one of my favourite set ups, features two framed pieces of comic artwork, purchased a few years ago in Ottawa, a clock that doesn’t tell the right time but looks cute nonetheless, and a white marble cutting board – perfect for looking at, never to be cut on (welcome to my head).

What are some of the ways you’re simplifying your life in 2017?

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