“Bring Me” Poem by Jordan D’Amico

"Bring Me" Poem by Jordan D'Amico

Tear open my chest
Expose my flesh
You’ll see what’s beating below

My scars are from you

Each thing that I hate

It came from the words that you used

The shape of my body

The pitch in my voice

But those things, you know

I don’t have a choice

I hate me
You’ve won
You’ve beaten me down
The things that make me
Cause me to breakdown
My heart starts to race
My brain runs a mile
The hardest thing ever
Is faking a smile
I trusted you most
More than anyone else
To be kind to me
But you tore me
You’d shout
I waited for freedom
A break from this cage
But it never came
My mind not assuaged
Round the clock
The taunts they stick with me
They pick at my flesh

Like a crawly and creepy

Believe what you want
I know that I’m good
How else could someone do the things
That they should?
I look in the mirror
And I see what you see
The twisted and distorted
Figure of me
Grotesque and vile
Maybe that’s true
And at the end of the day
I’m no good for you
But my mind is changing
The things that you saw
Are just things in the rear view
Goodbye and so long
Now that all the dust settles

And there’s nowhere to hide

Maybe you’ll love me

For what’s here inside

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