Crushing on Bath & Body Works’ French Riviera Body Lotion

Crushing on Bath & Body Works' French Riviera Body Lotion

Like Shakira’s hips, my skin doesn’t lie. I’ve talked about this a few times in previous posts – about the interesting and complex relationship I have with my skin. It’s been a long road of discovery – trying to find what works and what doesn’t work.

Sensitive skin, of course, is nothing new to me. Since I was a baby, special, unscented soaps were a necessity to prevent me from breaking out in a rash. Even today, I have to be so careful with what I use. I won’t even tell you about the popular face wash I used that quite literally burned the skin on my cheeks, leaving with me tender red marks for the next few days.

When I came across Bath & Body Works’ new French Riviera collection – which includes way more than just the body lotion – I was sold, instantly. I was so invested in it, in fact, that I purchased two bottles – one for home and one for my desk at work. I loved everything about it, including the light and yet pleasant smell, the creamy texture, and the bottle (unapologetic about that – I love pretty things).

Crushing on Bath & Body Works' French Riviera Body Lotion

One of the greatest things lotion can do for me is to keep my skin from cracking after using hand sanitizer. I liberally apply disinfectant several times a day – especially when you’re venturing into the outside world multiple times a day – and a quick application of Bath & Body Works French Riviera Body Lotion is the best way to stop the disinfectant from irritating my hands.

Call me crazy, but it works.

Crushing on Bath & Body Works' French Riviera Body Lotion

Using lotion is a daily routine for me and doesn’t just come up when I’m fresh out of the shower or about to go to sleep. I find my skin feels best when I routinely moisturize. The second I feel my skin tighten (we all know that feeling), I get a quick dollop on my fingers and rub it in until it’s completely absorbed.

It’s the easiest way to give back to skin that does so much for you.

Crushing on Bath & Body Works' French Riviera Body Lotion

Tell me: When do you most like to moisturize your skin? What are some of your favourite products?

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