A few of my favourite holiday gifts I received

Not only did I get to cap off 2017 by spending a solid week and a half at home in Ottawa with my family (in many ways, the real gift, am I right?), but I was spoiled with food, laughter, and, of course, some incredible gifts.

When Christmas morning rolled around, the generosity of gifts I received from my parents and my family was, as always, completely overwhelming. Before I cap off a resoundingly successful and prosperous 2017 with a wordy and emotional blog post (soon to come), I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to share some of my favourite gifts I received over the Christmas holidays.

A few of my favourite holiday gifts

This Coach bag was, hands-down, one of the most surprising things I unwrapped December 25. It’s black and grey and the perfect size for everyday life. I carry a bag with me to work every single day and I’ve been desperate for a new one. I find accessories like this are deeply personal things because every person’s style is so unique. Thankfully, I have a mother who knows me like the back of her hand and chose the kind of bag I would have, without hesitation, chosen for myself. 

Also seen in the photo, though not as clearly, is a copy of Stephen King | On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. It’s a book about the author and the “experiences, habits, and convictions that have shaped him and his work.” 2018 is set to be a big year for me as a writer and reading about those little, nuanced habits and quirks that shaped someone as prolific as Stephen King is hugely inspiring. 

A few of my favourite holiday gifts

If you’ve ever been subjected to dry hair and a sensitive scalp, you’re probably as irritated as I am by the inability of most products to do anything about it. I’ve gone the Head & Shoulders route and, for the last few months, I knew I’ve needed to make a change because just the shampoo and conditioner haven’t been enough. 

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Butter Cream Leave-In Treatment is meant for “intensely dry, brittle hair”  and is made with coconut, jojoba, and macadamia oils, and has, in only a week, completely changed my hair and scalp for the better. Before, a shower meant I had to wash my hair because wetting it in any way always dried it out in a very unmanageable way. Now, I’m comfortable taking showers that don’t always involve hair washing. Instead, I cleanse my hair with nothing but water, towel dry it, and apply some of this creamy G0d-send. 

A few of my favourite holiday gifts

In October, my mom took a solo-trip to NYC (I’m still not entirely over it) and found this adorable pouch from an artist named Pamela Barsky who has an entire collection of pouches and bags just like this one, with as many hilarious and relevant sayings as you can think of. Given my love of Instagram, can you blame my mom for picking this one out for me? 

What were some of the best gifts you received for the holidays? Comment below!

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