How to grow your Instagram following in 3 simple steps (exclusive)

How to Grow Your Instagram Following in 3 Simple Steps

When I was eighteen, I started a food blog. It was nothing spectacular and, really, back then, blogs and social media were not what they are today. It was extremely rare that a blog lead to anything and even more rare that it gave a person a second income or became their full-time job. Even so, I was smitten with the online world and I haven’t stopped blogging, creating, and diving deeper and deeper into social media.

Fast forward eight years and I’ve made my living off of helping businesses and individuals grow their online presence. I don’t claim to be an expert. Truthfully, I think anyone who claims to be an expert at social media is probably a little too full of themselves. Social media is always changing. Only a few years ago, Instagram was barely a thing. Now, there are people all over the world earning massive incomes off sharing daily photos of their lives. How can someone be an expert at something that’s always changing? We’re all constantly learning and changing with the industry.

I don’t sit here, typing this post to share with all of you, because I think I have all of the answers. I definitely do not. What I do have is experience testing new trends and trying out new ideas, seeing where they take me. In the last year, I’ve implemented 3 basic practices for my Instagram account and saw a jump of over 1,000 followers. It might not seem like a lot to some people, but when your Instagram is below 100,000 followers, or even 50,000 followers, every little bit counts.

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