How to post to Instagram from your computer

How to post to Instagram from your computer
Who else is an absolute Instagram fiend? Raise your hand! Now, who here has always wished that they could post to Instagram from their computer?

The tale is as old as time – you have this beautiful shot you took on your Canon camera while on vacation. When you got home, you uploaded it to your computer, made a few edits, and knew it was ready for your Instagram followers to see. But then, when you save the photo, e-mail it to your phone, and finally get it uploaded to Instagram, you notice some of the quality is gone. It really isn’t the same photo you’d seen on your computer.

If I had a dime for every time I was in that situation!

Of course, your issue with not being able to post from your computer could very well be a timing thing. It always takes a few minutes longer – minutes some of us don’t always have – to upload a photo from your phone.

For the longest time, I thought there would never be a way to get Instagram-worthy photographs from your computer to Instagram without having to use your phone. Then, I discovered something. Not only can you upload from your computer, but this method has presumably been under our noses this entire time. It doesn’t require a third-party app or some expensive software. Chances are, if everything aligns in your favour (because, of course, I can’t guarantee anything), you’ll be able to do this with nothing more than an internet browser.

Ready to find out just how you can post to Instagram from your computer?

I knew you would be.

1. Go to

How to post to Instagram from your computer

Once you’re there, navigate to your profile page and make sure you’re signed in to your account.

2. Key commands

On a PC: Ctrl+Shift+I
On a Mac: Option+Command+I

How to post to Instagram from your computer1

Once the box has appeared with all the fun coding, click the button along the top bar that looks like an iPhone next to an iPad.

3. Look! It’s the Instagram app!

How to post to Instagram from your computer

Click the ‘Camera’ button at the top and upload your photo like normal. You won’t be able to add filters or edit the image, but you can create a caption and publish the photo. You should still be able to comment and like photos as well, but if you can’t, exit mobile mode and use Instagram on your computer as normal.

While you’re at it, follow me on Instagram: @jordandamico!

What do you think of this feature? Now that you know about it, will you be using your computer to post to Instagram?

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