Ice water face baths: 5 reasons you need to start

Ice water face baths: 5 reasons you need to start

Sure, dunking your face into a bowl of ice water may seem daunting and, yes, disturbing in some cases, but trust me when I tell you that the benefits to your skin when taking ice water face baths far outweigh any hesitation you may experience as you grip the edges of the bowl, ready to take the plunge, but reluctant to fully commit.

I can’t say how I happened upon ice water face baths – mostly because I don’t remember. One day, I just started, and the rest is history. Typically, I do an ice water face bath each night, about 30 minutes before I go to bed. It helps with the puffiness I feel in my face at the end of a long day and I notice my skin is less blotchy and “swollen” the next morning. Plus, I find (I know this sounds counterintuitive) I sleep better after a good face soak.

Ice water face baths: 5 reasons you need to start

Still not convinced? Here are 5 plain and simple reasons you shouldn’t waste any time before adding this simple and natural step to your beauty routine.

1) Ice water face baths can help with redness. If you have skin like mine, you wake up with red blotches on your face, convinced you’re the very creature you’ve been afraid is hiding under your bed. Plus, the stress and turmoil of a workday doesn’t help either and by the end of it, your skin needs a break from the hype you’ve been serving.

Ice water face baths: 5 reasons you need to start

Side Note: I like to follow each face bath with a good layer of moisturizer. Vaseline and Olay are two of my favourites.

Ice water face baths: 5 reasons you need to start2) Tighten your skin and reduce the size of your pores with regular ice water face baths. It wasn’t until my early 20s that I started to notice my own pores and ever since, I’ve been trying to make them microscopic again. Baby-smooth skin is always the goal, right?

3) If you’re not a morning person (hello 7 cups of coffee before 9am!) and need a little extra kick in the ass before you can fully commit to being a human for the day, ice water face baths not only “wake my skin up,” but totally zap away that heavy feeling I have behind my eyes. Has it meant less caffeine for me? No. But it has meant that I can be fully present and in-the-moment with my cup o’ joe each time I take a sip. Precious memories.

Ice water face baths: 5 reasons you need to start

Side Note: Those face masks you see are from a Korean beauty company called Holika Holika. Your boy is obsessed.

4) I’m not too concerned about wrinkles and I have never been. I moisturize and take care of my skin the best I can and know that some fine lines are just a natural consequence of getting older. If I ever catch myself staring at them in the mirror, I do some quick math equations in my head or try to remember a few lines of Shakespeare, and remind myself that wrinkles mean wisdom… I didn’t say it made sense. With that being said, ice water face baths do help fight off wrinkles and keep your skin smooth.

5) I used to wash my face at least twice a day because I was obsessed with thinking about the “impurities” and dirt that my skin was collecting. When I started doing ice water face baths more regularly, I noticed my skin had a naturally fresh and clean look to it. I do, however, still pre-empt a few treatments with a quick wash down, for good measure.

Ice water face baths: 5 reasons you need to start

Have you ever indulged in ice water face baths before? Leave a comment below and let me know if you noticed a difference in your skin!

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