5 Step Sensitive Skin Care Routine

My entire life, I’ve been plagued by difficult skin. As a baby, my parents had to use special soap or I’d break out in eczema before the bath was even over. Heading into my teen years, I was treated to a lovely decade-or-so of awful acne. No matter what I did or how much I washed my face, the acne persisted.

As I began navigating my twenties, I started developing eczema on my hands whenever the air was too dry. This was especially true during the winter months. The skin on my hands became so irritable and red that I had to take a prescription for cortisone cream.

All this to say, I truly understand the daily struggles of people who live with skin that just never wants to cooperate. The focus tends to fall on your face because, of course, that’s where everyone looks when they talk to you. But your skin is one of your largest organs and needs to be treated with the same respect and courtesy that you give to your heart or your liver through the foods you eat.

Managing my skin has never been easy. I react in obscene ways to most facial cleansers and anything with a slight scent usually burns my skin in the most uncomfortable ways. A few years ago, well into my twenties, I visited the doctor. He gave me a prescription of cream for my still-unsettled acne and recommended Spectro as an incredibly mild, yet effective, cleanser. I haven’t looked back. Even now, at the teen-plus age of 26, I live by Spectro Cleanser for Combination Skin. It’s as gentle as washing your face with water and yet manages to give you the deep-clean feel of any other product.

Eventually, I fell into a routine of regular skin care. I added the Olay Oil Minimizing Clean Toner with Witch Hazel, applied liberally with a cotton pad. I follow that up with a light coat of Olay Moisturizing Cream for Sensitive Skin.

Perhaps the most luxurious step of the entire process comes in the form of Life Brand Hydrating Facial Sheet Masks. For those in Canada, you can get 3 for $5 at Shoppers Drug Mart. I only use 1 or 2 of these each week, but the moisture they bring back to my skin is absolutely incomparable.

Ultimately, t’s important to find what works for your skin. Are you prone to excessive oil? Maybe your skin dries out worse than a camel’s crack in the desert. Make sure you do your research, find the products that work for you, and never settle for anything less than the best. Trust me, your skin deserves it.

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Disclaimer: I’m no professional. This is just me telling you what I do to treat my sensitive skin. Always consult a doctor before trying new products.


Mango & Berry Smoothie BowlAfter I wake up, I’m always confronted with the frustrating realization that it’s time for breakfast. Most days, if I have somewhere to be right away, I’ll drink a coffee or a hot water with lemon, throw my bag over my shoulder, and head out. In this instance, breakfast is non-existent. On the days where I have more leisure time once I roll myself out of bed, the need for breakfast arrives, slowly but surely.

Most people have their routines for breakfast. A bowl of oatmeal, two scrambled eggs, or a piece of toast with tea. Me? I’m all over the place. Literally. Some days, I crave the warmth and comfort of bacon, eggs, and toast. Other days, I wake up with an incredible sweet-tooth, soothed only by as much fruit as I can get my hands on.

Only the other day, my eyes shot open. After glancing at my mop of hair in the mirror of my closet door, it was time for breakfast. Completely out of routine for me, I walked to the kitchen with nothing but a blender, frozen fruit, my trusty almond milk, and a vision for a better breakfast.

Instagram was my queen the night before. The smoothie bowls I’d been searching had inspired me to make my own (if only for the photo I could add to my own feed).

This is the result.

Here’s what I included:


– Frozen mango chunks
– Frozen berry medley
– Unsweetened vanilla
almond milk


– Almonds
– Qi’a Superfood
– Banana
– Blueberries

To get the right consistency for a smoothie bowl, and to make sure your toppings don’t sink to the bottom, I recommend using more frozen fruit and less liquid – at least at the beginning.

#SmoothieBowl because drinking is too much work apparently

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5 whacky kitchen tools you never knew you wanted

Image Via Unsplash.com | Graphic By Jordan D’Amico

Most people, myself included, spend lots of time each week in their kitchen. Cooking, baking and cleaning are only a few of the tasks we perform. Whether you do all of these tasks out of necessity for your family or just for yourself, sometimes they can become very routine and quite boring. It is always fun to make your kitchen stand out in order to reignite your enthusiasm. With the kitchen tools you will see below, easily take your counters and cupboards from sensible to wacky.

5 whacky kitchen tools you never knew you wanted

Image via Miito.com


The MIITO is an award-winning electric kettle. It might also be the easiest way to make you the perfect hot beverage. It creates an electromagnetic field, heating its metal and warming your drink. You will never have to worry about heating up your morning coffee or tea in the microwave again.

The Prep Pad

The Prep Pad is a great way to track your daily nutrition and food intake while you are preparing your food. With its “smart” technology, take the stress out of meal planning and just enjoy the cooking process. It can even give you an accurate breakdown of the calories, fat, protein and carbs in your meals.

5 whacky kitchen tools you never knew you wanted

Image Via Brookstone

SnackMan Motion-Activated Treat and Candy Dispenser

It is not very difficult to grab a bag of your favourite snack from your cupboard when you feel like something to eat. But, the SnackMan Motion-Activated Treat and Candy Dispenser is almost too cool not to have on your kitchen counter.

5 whacky kitchen tools you never knew you wanted

Image Via Amazon

AdNArt Glass Water Bottle with Fruit Iceball Maker

This may seem shallow, but if you are looking for a way to impress your friends, then the AdNArt Glass Water Bottle with Fruit Iceball Maker is something you absolutely need. The silicone ball infuser allows you to freeze your favourite fruit in ice and serve it with a delicious drink.

5 whacky kitchen tools you never knew you wanted

Image Via PaulMuki.com

The Muki Mug

The Muki is unlike any other coffee mug in your kitchen. Pair this piece of kitchen tech with its smartphone app and upload images that will then be displayed on the side of the Muki mug. The best part is the display is powered by the heat from your morning coffee or tea.

What is your favourite wacky kitchen tool? Comment below!

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