Du Jour: 5 Essentials For Every Desktop

1. Metals Bezel Wooden Picture Frame | 2. iPad Mini 2 | 3. Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser | 4. The Body Shop Shea Hand Cream | 5. Texturized Stucco Ceramic Oval Table Lamp


If you’re looking for new ways to maximize your desktop space, then consider planning it out like you would any other remodel. It’s easy to get bogged down in clutter, so take a moment to think about what you really need around you when you’re working.

For me, I like to have water to keep me hydrated, a photo or two to keep me inspired, a lamp for extra light, my iPad for creativity, and some hand cream to keep my skin from cracking, especially in the winter.

Remove everything that’s superfluous to getting your work done and anything that will only hinder your creativity. Too much stuff can sometimes have a detrimental effect on your productivity – at least it does for me.

What’s on your desktop? Leave a comment below!

[Graphic: Jordan D’Amico]