The simplicity of a Saturday morning with Keurig and Van Houtte

The simplicity of a Saturday morning with Keurig
Don’t you ever keep me apart from coffee, especially if we’re interacting before 10am on any given day. I used to be the person who relied entirely on Starbucks and other coffee shops to get my morning fix. Then, when I moved to Toronto, the one thing I wanted for a housewarming gift was a Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker. Not only did I fantasize about all the times I’d probably be curled up with a massive blanket sipping my “cup of joe,” but the convenience of a single serving at a time was too perfect to pass up.

The simplicity of a Saturday morning with Keurig

Unfortunately for me, my life has become about 17x more hectic and crazy (especially Monday – Friday) in the last year, which has meant that my dreams of casually waking up and sipping my coffee on the balcony, while I watch the sunrise, have pretty much been shredded. However, what Keurig has given me is the convenience to sleep a little longer, take a few extra minutes in the shower, and get dressed slowly, without tripping over my own feet and falling (it has happened several times).

The simplicity of a Saturday morning with Keurig

Now, instead of waking up, scrambling to get ready, and then missing the chance to have coffee before I get to work (which gives me significantly more mental clarity for my day), I can now pop a K-Cup in my Keurig, wait all of 30 seconds, and be out the door in less time than it takes me to brush my teeth.

If you had asked me a year ago, when I had received my first Keurig, which K-Cup brand and flavour was my favourite, I would have told you, without hesitation, that I would give my life for Van Houtte® Vanilla Hazelnut. Fast forward to now, and I’m head-over-heels in love with Van Houtte® French Vanilla. Both have just enough flavour to satisfy, without being too overpowering. They’re a great alternative to the flavoured drinks at coffee shops that tend to get their flavour from sugary syrups or toppings. If you like to keep a variety in your cupboard, like I do, shop from their assortments of Coffee Beverages and get free shipping on all orders above $70.

The simplicity of a Saturday morning with Keurig

Saturday mornings are infinitely more enjoyable because instead of wasting time with an archaic pot of coffee, I can brew myself a cup at a time, take my butt to the most comfortable chair I own, and watch Netflix until I fall asleep around 8pm that night.

The simplicity of a Saturday morning with Keurig

If you’ve invested in a Keurig, which model do you have and what do you love most about it? I’d also love to know about the K-Cup brands and flavours you love most. Leave a comment below!

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