Holiday gift guide: What to buy millennials living on their own

We all have a young-adult millennial in our life, don’t we? Chances are, they’re living on their own – away from the comfort of convenience of their parents’ house, embarking on a new path to build their own future. Like any good home, there are a few necessities than any millennial definitely needs. Here are 7 great gift ideas for the stylish, decor-conscious millennial you know.

Holiday gift guide: What to buy millennials living on their own

1. If the millennial in your life is anything like yours truly, they’re averaging at least 3 homemade cups of coffee a day (on top of the 2 lattes they get from Starbucks). With that being said, a cute set of mugs is a necessity in any millennial’s kitchen cabinet. The thing I love most about mugs? No one expects them to match. These Kate Spade New York Pretty Pantry Stacking Mugs from Indigo are perfect for confined spaces, with each mug offering a certain amount of uniqueness in colour and their sayings: “All in good taste,” Eat cake for breakfast,” “Out to lunch,” and “Adding the sauce.”

2. No matter what a millennial is doing in their apartment, you can bet at least a couple of selfies will happen. Equip them with the latest and greatest from Polaroid. The Zip Instant Photoprinter allows them to instantly print 2×3″ photos from their mobile phone or tablet in less than 60 seconds using Bluetooth or NFC technology. Oh, and the best part? No ink involved. The printer uses ZINK Magic!

3. Hydration is key. At least, that’s what my mom has always told me. A busy millennial is typically juggling a thousand different tasks at any given times without leaving enough time for the most basic necessities, like water. With a S’Well White Marble Water Bottle from Indigo, the millennial in your life is going to be as hydrated as possible because with a bottle this chic, they’re never going to put it away.

4. Rose, red, white – it doesn’t really matter. A simple set of wine glasses adds a touch of sophistication without completely breaking the bank. These Kate Spade New York Larabee Dot Stemless Wine Glasses from Indigo are perfectly quaint, while still adding a certain amount of flare to any social situatuon.

5. Cooking or take-out? Cooking… or take-out? It’s the eternal struggle almost every millennial faces when they live on their own. You want the savings that come from cooking your own food, but you can’t deny the satisfaction and superior taste that you get from take-out. How about a compromise? Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat by Chrissy Teigen, available at Indigo, is the perfect kitchen companion for the food fanatic who wants to cook simply and eat deliciously.

6. Remember those adorable mugs from the number 1 spot? Your millennial is going to need something to put in them. Coffee, coffee, coffee. A Keurig (I have the K200 Plus Series) combines effortless brewing with the satisfaction of a variety of flavours from some of the most popular brands – like Starbucks. Forget about brewing an entire pot of coffee every morning. When you have 10 minutes to get ready in the morning and catch the subway, all you want is a quick cup – usually to go.

7. Laying on the couch or propped up in bed binge-watching The Mindy Project – we all want something soft and warm to cuddle. Don’t we? You won’t find much better than this Faux Fur Pillow Cover from Indigo. It measures 18″x18″. Don’t compromise comfort for style. You cam have both and it’s so easy.

Which of these products would you love to find under your Christmas tree?