My top Wayfair home decor picks for a fresh look

My top Wayfair home decor picks for a fresh look

Two months ago, I moved into a new condo. It’s in an entirely new area of Toronto and moving here meant that it was time for a fresh start and a fresher home decor look. For 2 years, my home was filled with furniture I didn’t need, didn’t like, and didn’t want. Some of it was impulse buys from IKEA, some were furniture I had when I lived in Ottawa. None of it went together and my home didn’t feel like an overly comfortable space (at least not to me).

As soon as I was settled in my new condo, I went straight to Wayfair. If you haven’t used them before, I can’t recommend them enough – both for their selection of products and incomparable prices. I’m sure many Canadians can attest to how difficult it is buying nice furniture and home decor pieces online when so much of it comes from the US. What Wayfair really sold me on was the fact that shipping was free and that they cover the customs and duty fees. I wouldn’t and didn’t have to pay for anything except the product. Sold!

When I thought about what I wanted from the pieces I’d ultimately purchase, I knew I was ready to take on an entirely different home decor style from what I’d grown used to. I wanted contemporary pieces with colour. I did not want pieces that matched and I wanted different textures. What I ended up with were four pieces from Wayfair that I could not be happier with. Each one has a tremendous amount of character and I was able to get that without busting my wallet wide open and letting all of my money bleed out. There’s nothing better. 

These are my favourite Wayfair home decor picks for a fresh new look:

My top Wayfair home decor picks for a fresh look

Aliyah Pink Area Rug

I’ve had my eye on this Aliyah Pink Area Rug for years. The colours, design, and detail in it are beyond anything I eve thought I’d want, but it’s so bold and beautiful that I knew I needed it the second I saw it. it comes in a variety of sizes so it can fit basically any space. The 5’3″x7’7″ was perfect for my living room. 

My top Wayfair home decor picks for a fresh look

Arianna Coffee Table

You’re probably aware of my penchant for white marble. It’s my go-to aeshetic for pretty much everything. Too bad for me, real marble costs way more than I’m willing to pay. Thankfully, Wayfair has a great alternative with their Arianna Coffee Table. From a distance and up-close, it looks like the real deal, but it’s actually made from manufactured wood. It’s less expensive and lighter in weight but is generous enough in size that you don’t have to worry about it being too small. 

My top Wayfair home decor picks for a fresh look

Ardoch Etagere Bookcase

One of my biggest design go-tos of the moment is anything that combines minimalist-contemporary with a touch of rustic. That’s exactly what I got when I got this Ardoch Etagere Bookcase. The wooden shelves add the perfect amount of texture, while the metal frame gives it a firm and linear feel. Plus, it’s sturdy enough for all of my books and very easy to put together. 

My top Wayfair home decor picks for a fresh look

Wayfair 39″ TV Stand

At my old condo, I kept my only TV in my bedroom, atop my dresser (for easy Netflix watching before bed). When I moved, I knew I wanted to keep the TV in the main living area so that I was able to enjoy the entire condo space as much as possible. I did not want a giant, obnoxious TV unit, but I also didn’t want something that was so undeniably not meant for a TV that it stuck out like a sore thumb. This Wayfair TV Stand is wide enough for my television and accessories, but not so wide that it takes up more space than it needs to. And the two under-area storage spaces are perfect for books, DVDs, and more.

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