If your Valentine’s Day plans involve you sitting at home alone, then why not make the most of your singledom with one of these 10 romantic comedy movies?

10 romantic comedy movies to get your single self through Valentine's Day

I imagine it’s a situation we’ve all found ourselves in at one time or another on Valentine’s Day- especially during our adult lives. It’s February 14, you’re sitting at home after a long day of work, and there are only a few hours left in the day. While everyone else you know is sending you Snapchats and posting Instagram Stories of their dates (they’ll say they aren’t trying to rub it in, but we all know we’d do the same). You look around the room. It’s just you… and that half-eaten bag of M&M’s you bought for lunch. In 4 hours, it’ll be February 15, and you can go on living single for another year. Until then, however, you need something to pass the time.

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